Cheap Kitchen Table And Chairs Round Kitchen Table Set Kitchen Table Small Kitchen Table And Stools
Cheap Kitchen Table And Chairs Round Kitchen Table Set Kitchen Table Small Kitchen Table And Stools

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Hi guys! Today we’re going to build a super cute miniature dining set. This set is finished in a simple country inspired style. However you can finish it in any color and style you prefer.

The look I’m going for consists of a beautiful white paint job coupled with a glossy dark varnished top. Let’s first get started with the chair. You’ll need some square dowels for this project. We’re first using a 1/6 of an inch dowel. With a miter saw, I cut 2 2-inch pieces and 2 1-inch pieces. Using wood glue, form those pieces into this rectangular shape. This will form the back of our dining chair. Then with some thin wooden skewers, I cut out 3 1. 5-inch pieces. We’re just going to glue those pieces into the open section of the chair’s back. This will add some really nice detail. To form the seat of the chair, we’ll be using some popsicle sticks. Grab 4 of these. Using that miter saw, I cut off the round end off and then cut off a 1. 5-inch section. We need 4 of these. Then just glue those pieces together. Then glue the chair back to the top of the seat. With another 1/6 inch square dowel, cut out 4 1. 5-inch pieces for the chair legs and 4 1-inch pieces for the seat base. On the bottom of the chair, add wood glue around the perimeter and position the 1-inch pieces on each side. Then add the legs on each corner. For some support on the chair legs, I’m going to use some craft matchsticks. Here’s a closeup of the matchsticks. Cut 4 of them to 1-inch pieces. Add wood glue to both ends and place them between each of the chair legs. Here’s a look at the finished chair before the paintjob. To create a dark stain, I’m mixing some dark brown paint with water. Paint that onto the seat of the chair. I make sure to stain the edges too. For a glossy finish, I add a few coats of polyacrylic. This is a waterbased varnish and it’s less prone to cracking and streaking For the rest of the chair, I use titanium white acrylic paint to cover all the bare wood. Here’s the chair all finished. Next, let’s build the dining table. The first thing you need is a thin piece of craft plywood. This is a 6-inch by 12 inch piece so I only need to make one cut. I measure 3 inches and mark a line on both sides. Using an exacto knife, I cut along those lines on both sides.

This table is going to be 3 inches by 6 inches. Using some force, I bend and break the wood at those cuts. Sand the rough edge with sandpaper. With a 1/4 inch square dowel, I cut out 4 2. 5 inch pieces for the table legs. Use wood glue to position all of those in place. Make sure to place them a little bit away from the edge. With a even thicker 1/3 inch square dowel mark the length needed between the table legs and cut that out. Glue those into place. As we did with the chair seat, stain the tabletop a dark brown. You can build the color up in layers so go slow here. Don’t forget the edges on the underside of the table. I love how the stain brings out all the nice grain detail in the wood. Varnish the top with some polyacrylic. I added about 3 coats for this super shiny finish. Then paint the rest of the table white. Painters tape can help you get some really clean straight lines. And peeling off the tape is so satisfying. And there you have it! The dining set is all finished. I hope you guys liked this site! Make sure to give it a thumbs up if you did. Let me know in the comments below what else you want to see and make sure to bookmark for more! I have 2 new sites up every week. See you next time, bye!.

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