Benefits Of Houseplants And How To Choose One Alicia In A Small Town Small House Plants For Sale
Benefits Of Houseplants And How To Choose One Alicia In A Small Town Small House Plants For Sale

Latest Collection Of Small House Plants For Sale Info

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Hello guys, how are you today? I kind of look like I’m in the jungle, I’m not, this is my living room And this is not what my living room usually looks like, I just collected all of my plants here because I thought I would do a plant haul, but then it turned out to be like a showing you all of my house plants so yeah today I’m gonna go through every single one of my current house plants, and yeah tell you their names and stuff I don’t really know that much about plants. I’m pretty horrible at keeping plants and surprisingly enough, a lot of these I have had for over a year now, which is pretty amazing for me But if you guys are better than I am with plants feel free to let me know like advice on how to keep them and stuff like that. If you have any of these plants and you have one that looks like really beautiful and is really thriving.

Let me know, ’cause I do have an issue or two with a couple of them. We’ll get into it I’m just gonna start this right away because Otherwise we’re gonna be here forever This is the first one. I guess back and starts here It’s a pretty cool-looking plant. Mine is not too, too happy because I forgot to water it a couple of times It’s a succulent so it really doesn’t need a lot of water and therefore, I sometimes forget to water it This is called a mistletoe cactus. I just call it spider legs because it totally looks like spider legs I think it’s such a cool plant this one is new and this one is called hearts on a string its latin name is Ceropegia woodii, if you’re interested I love love love this plant first of all the leaves look like little hearts, and then when it flowers the flowers look like Penises Penises well in any case the flower looks like a penis. It’s like a lot of them everywhere It’s a very interesting plant but I really like it I recommend that doesn’t need a lot of care grows really pretty gets really, really long and Yeah, really pretty I just have this tiny little succulent. I have no idea of the name of it. It was given to me on my birthday This is what it looks like if you know the name of it. Please let me know. This is one of my newest purchases, it’s a ficus tree, Ficus benjamina And I just love these plants. First of all, they’re so pretty and they have like these shiny leaves and they grow to be Enormous though they grow pretty darn slow, but they get really big And I love them because my mom has one that is really really big and it’s like older than I am. That plant has gone through a lot and it reaches the ceiling; it’s huge And it’s just so pretty and I saw these they were on deal and I just have to have one so yeah This is my ficus. It’s very small. I have to repot it. I’m not sure how I should repot it so Yeah, I’ll have to look into that Behind me here This one is in a really big pot I have no idea why we decided to put it in such a big pot, but we wanted to have it on the floor and I don’t think it was such a good idea because as you can see it doesn’t look all that happy. This is a Dieffenbachia Or uh? dumb cane I think that’s the name dumb cane and They are supposed to be darker green than this. They’re supposed to be bigger than this, and they are supposed to look happier than this Again, I have no idea what is wrong with mine. If it has too much Sun it gets yellow It has too little Sun it gets yellow. It has too much water it gets yellow If it has too little water it gets yellow, and this is supposed to be an easy-to-take-care-of plant So yeah, I really, really don’t know What I’m doing wrong with it if you have any idea Let me know I think it might just be that it doesn’t like being in such a big pot, but it’s been in this big pot for a year now and, uh It was fine for a while Then here on this side. I have these bad boys They are pretty big so hard for me to show the whole thing, but these are called Dracaena marginata or dragon trees they are very easy to take care of we have two of them the other one is there behind me and Yeah, I like them. They can take a lot of bad handling And I water them just a little bit once a week One of them is close to a north-facing window. The other one is kind of in the middle of the living room, and both of them seem to be really happy there. Curious fact this is the only plant that Ashford gives a bite at from time to time My cats really don’t eat any of the plants. I’m very, very lucky with that But Ashford does like to put his teeth on this one from time to time, but then we tell him off and he stops, so Next let’s. . . Let’s talk about my orchids Right now the only orchid that is properly blooming is this one. It’s very very pretty It is just a normal Moth orchid I have three, three Moth orchids I had this orange one then I have a white one that was kindly given to me by a customer And then I have a white one with like magenta specs which is actually my favorite one But it’s not blooming right now I love orchids because I do find them really easy to take care of. A lot of people think that they’re hard I don’t see why you would think that they’re hard all you need is some orchid compost and Water them once a week, just a little bit. During the winter, I go like two weeks without watering it and Yeah, they’re all really happy. All the leaves look really pretty and then when the flowers die off, it’s just a matter of having Patience till the next flowers come. I do have a different kind of orchid here. This is a Dendrobium orchid. Dendrobium. I’m pretty sure that’s the name. They have very different stocks It kind of looks like I don’t know sugar cane or something. And then, the flowers, this one is almost done flowering, so it’s not looking all that pretty, but you can see it has a little bit Different flowers than the normal moth orchids that you see everywhere And it’s also really tall. When it was in full bloom it has flowers all the way from here to the top but Yeah, they’re dying off now.

This is like the last little flower and once that one is gone. I’m just gonna Wait until the next flowering season. And yeah, those are my orchids again I have three more orchids, but it’s pointless to show them all because They just have leaves, but they are there. Then up on this stand I have this little plant It’s a pretty recent purchase. It’s not looking great. It was already looking like this when I got it because it was on sale and The last ones on sale kind of tend to look crappy But I just think it got too much Sun they don’t like too much Sun I know that they tend to be very picky plants. By the way, this is called an Alocasia polly I just call it a polly but yeah, I think it’s an Alocasia polly. It’s one of my absolute Favorite plants they just look so, so cool I mean, look at those leaves and then the back side of them is kind of ribbed and veiny they’re so so cool I think the common name for them is like elephant ears or something I Have heard that they’re very hard to take care of and that they’re very picky plants so if you have any tips for me, please Throw them my way. I would love to hear them because really this is one of my absolute favorite plants And I would be so sad if it died so yeah I’m just hoping that I can be a good plant mum for it and not let it die Another one of my absolute favorites is just your common ivy I love ivy I have this Beautiful specimen that we have hanging over our bed. It’s been there for a while It’s very very happy. Ivy as indoor plants has a little bit of a problem with spider mites Spider mites kind of come with the plant as far as I know from time to time you get outbreaks of them You kind of have to dust it and shower it from time to time to make sure that you don’t get spider mites Because if you do get spider mites it’ll kill the entire plants. It’ll kill a lot of the other plants that are around it, and yeah That’s a common problem with ivy indoors. I’m really really hoping that we don’t get spider mites this time because last time I was devastated I actually buy all of my ivy from Ikea, I know weird maybe but IKEA has really cheap ivy that is really long and really pretty so I do recommend it But if you have a lot of other plants and are scared of spider mites. I do not recommend having ivy indoors I just have it because I love it so much And I don’t know I don’t know if I want to be without ivy indoors I do have another ivy but it’s upstairs I mean I figured you’d have enough with just looking at one ivy Talking about plants that I got at IKEA. This is another IKEA purchase. This is actually a pink quill. I think it’s called like [edit: Tillandsia cyanea], or something like that I probably butcher all of these names. I do not know Latin Yeah, this is a very very pretty plant. It looks pretty cool. It’s super resistant it barely needs water It has this solid flower. It’s not really a flower It’s like Meaty and then small purple flowers come from all of the edges here it had flowers Just a little while ago, and you can kind of see the leftovers of them right there. It’s an awesome plant It looks really cool really interesting do recommend again super easy to take care of. Now, here in the back I have some of my absolute favorite plants and the ones that I’m most happy with I just love everything that is hanging and poofy and Love it. I want to start with this baby here. This is my spider plant We got it, and it was really really tiny and it’s been thriving it has a bunch of new shoots It’s just a really cool-looking plant and I know it’s a very common house plant. There’s really nothing Particularly special about it, but it’s easy to take care of and it gets all these shoots It gets little flowers, there you go. I don’t know it’s a really cool plant. It takes up a lot of space so it’s nice to Fill up space with some green. Yeah, I’m just so happy that we got it, and I definitely want to get more of these Love them. Another plant that I absolutely love is this angel vine And I’m actually really really surprised that I’ve been able to keep this angel vine Alive and thriving for like a year now it looks so so big compared to when we got it I’m just really surprised that I’ve kept it alive because this plant needs watering like every two days It’s really really thirsty. It needs to drink all the time, and I’m just amazed that I’ve remembered it’s super fluffy and Crazy-looking and I love it that way I would not trim it ever Because I like it looking like this. We keep it in this hanging basket So it just looks like a cloud of green it looks so cool I absolutely love this angel vine. Then, this little guy here looks pretty similar to the angel vine It’s kind of more dense and more of a succulent. It’s called Pilea glauca, I think I don’t know any other name for it it’s again a really really pretty plant that looks very crazy and very poofy and Kind of grows everywhere grows really really fast generally people recommend trimming it so that it stays Compact and stuff, but I don’t like that I like the long stringy bits, and that’s kind of what makes me love this plant so I Don’t trim it I just try to brush it from time to time which means try to disentangle all of these so that they kind of Show how long they are because they are really really long. It does not need a lot of water I think just a little bit once a week, and it should be happy, and yeah, it’s very pretty. I love it. Now this Cool-looking plant is a string of pearls. It’s another succulent. It’s really really easy to propagate You just have to cut off a little bit and plant it back up, and it just makes roots right away It grows really really long. It looks super interesting it has these leaves that I don’t know it look like little peas or something They are so cool who wouldn’t want to have one of these plants in their home? If you’re like me and you love any kind of plant that hangs then you’re gonna love these and then last but Definitely definitely definitely not least I have this beauty and this is my Hoya compacta It just has these super super weird-looking leaves it looks very very alien And it gets like flowers that come in like poof’s, and they look like they’re made of plastic They’re so cool But they don’t flowers too often as far as I know I don’t really care about it because it’s not the flowers that I like I just like these Super cool leaves. They’re just awesome I once saw them a girl that had them on her headboard on her bed And she just had the pot next to the bed and then all of these leaves like Climbing the headboard of the bed And I saw it then and I just decided there and then that I needed to have a Hoya in my life So I finally got one. They are a little bit pricey for me. Anyways especially when you get them this big, but It was so worth it and I got it with my birthday money, and I’m just really happy that I now have a Hoya When I described it to my man I said that it looks like a Hawaiian Necklace, and I still think it looks like a Hawaiian necklace. He does not agree with me, and yeah, those are all of My houseplants Apart from the one ivy that is upstairs. It’s like, sorry, I kept you out, but yeah These are all of my houseplants. I really really hope that you liked this blog if you’re like me and you love houseplants Then I’m sure you did because I love reading blogs of other people’s house plants It’s just so interesting and it always lets me know of new plants that I might want to get for myself So hopefully you get some inspiration and you go out and get some of these beauties yourself again These are all really really easy plants to take care of trust me if I can keep them alive You can keep them alive because I’m terrible at watering my plants so just absolutely terrible and again I really really hope that you liked this blog if you did, please leave a thumps up share if you want to and I hope to see you back again next time and Now I have to go put all these plants back in their place.

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