Modern Contemporary Dining Room Sets Allmodern Modern Dining Table Set With Bench
Modern Contemporary Dining Room Sets Allmodern Modern Dining Table Set With Bench

Beautiful Modern Dining Table Set With Bench

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Something that’s always great to have is a bit of extra seating. Today we’re gonna be making a couple of benches using some reclaimed timber. The fantastic part about this project is the flexibility of the benches.

They can be used for a dining table, up against a wall or even a coffee table. These are the tools and materials you’ll need to make a dining table bench. The great thing about this project is I’m gonna be repurposing an old bit of reclaimed timber, sanding up. Making it look beautiful. The first thing you need to do is prepare the bench top. Decide the length you want your bench and then square off both ends to suit. Plain the edges to give it a nice smooth, splinter-free edge. As this is gonna be a bench, that’s quite important. Build the same both at top and bottom of your bench. You can leave as little or as much paint as you want. I’m gonna leave a little, because I think it adds some character. Give it a finer sand with an orbital sander and round off any edges. Finish it how you want. We’re gonna be giving ours a wax, so it enhances the natural timber. Brings out the colors and protects it. Now our bench is complete. It’s time to make some legs. To assemble the legs, drill a clearance hole. Countersink that hole. Drill a pilot hole. Glue and screw together. Give your legs a good sand and then finish them off however you wish. I’m gonna give mine a black stain to suit my decor. And there we go. We have a two furniture legs completed. I’ve given them a light coating of the stain so the wood grain shows through. I think they look fantastic. We just need to get them attached to our bench. We’re gonna attach the legs with bolts. Two bolts in each leg. Flip the bench over, and place the legs where you want them to be. Drill pilot holes all the way through both the leg and the bench top. Flip the bench over. Using the points from your pilot holes as a guide, use a spade bit to drill out a countersink. This countersink is to hide the heads of your bolts. Using a drill bit to suit your bolts, now drill through the bench top and through your legs. Now that the holes are drilled, flip your bench over and put your bolts through. Put the legs in place and tighten the nuts.

And there you go. Our dining table bench is complete. Repurposed timber has so much character and using it for a project like this, really shows that off. You can make as many as you want, just by repeating the process. I’m gonna go and find a spot for this now. And there we go. A couple of reclaimed timber benches for our dining table. The great thing about this project is its versatility. The reclaimed timber looks fantastic and it can go anywhere in the house. You can use them for benches or even a coffee table. .

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