Good Looking Home Bar Furniture 2 I2543 Denmondivorce Com House Bars For Sale
Good Looking Home Bar Furniture 2 I2543 Denmondivorce Com House Bars For Sale

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In 1891, Schlitz Brewing Company gave a German immigrant a $9,000 loan in return for building a bar that would only serve their beer. Lucky for us that saloon still stands today and is our next stop on the road to finding America’s historic watering holes. Located in what used to be a small town outside of Milwaukee Wisconsin known as Bay View, Kneisler’s White House is now one of its oldest bars, not to mention one of its most beautiful landmarks.

Stepping inside this place is like stepping back in time. And it’s all owed to this man, William C. Kneisler. The Historic White House tavern started in 1891 as a Schlitz tied house. I think the loan was for $9,000 originally the Schlitz gave the loan to William C. Kneisler who had a bunch of properties around what became Bay View. Bay View was annexed into Milwaukee in 1891, so that’s kind of when all of the records go back to. He was a major landowner here and had a lot of different businesses around the area but this was primarily a cornerstone on the stagecoach line from Racine to Milwaukee and we had rooms upstairs, and a lot of the stuff came over from, like our back bar that came over from Germany and everything back there still original and we’re still here in 126 years going strong. On the wall are scenes from the bar’s past including what it used to be the place where people got their election results. Peruse the pictures and get a better sense of the city’s past. Definitely do not miss all the original decor. The back bar is from Germany and was installed when the places built 126 years ago, and even the keg cooler is original and still in use today, holding the beer that puts a smile on so many customers, faces. You know our beer lines are only about seven and a half feet long – so the cooler where our beer is kept is the cooler that it’s always been kept in, from for 125 years, and obviously the refrigeration inside is newer, but we don’t have the lines that kind of snake through the whole building, so the beer tastes different here, it’s very fresh. Kaiser’s White House stayed in the original family all the way up until late 1990s when it was purchased by its current owner. But while the building and decor is old, and it has a century-old legacy, it is still very much a modern neighborhood bar. Our crow goes from even people that are under 21 because they’re allowed to play volleyball here with their parents, all the way up to, I mean how old is a McShane? Probably 75, 80? Yeah, and they’ve been coming here for years and years. They serve great beers on tap but they can make almost any drink you can think of. They’re known for their Bloody Marys, so give one a try when you stop by. They don’t serve food, so grab a meal before you come over, or stop next door for some pizza. If you make it during the summer you can join a sand volleyball game, or just sit at the bar and chat with the locals. Either way is a great way to experience the city. You know finding a place like Kneisler’s White House is like finding a barn-kept, ’57 Chevy. You at first stare at it not believing that something so historic can also be so pristine. The legacy behind it, the things that its seen, the stories it could tell. It almost boggles the mind! This is the type of place that makes traveling to a new city a wonderful experience. Definitely come by if you’re ever in Milwaukee, you won’t be disappointed! If you want more websites like this please comment, and if you’ve been to this bar please leave your comments down below, let other people know what you thought of it. .

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