Cute Gray And White Living Room Furniture Ideas

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Welcome to my home you guys I’m so excited to be finally sharing it with you I’ve been getting requested this site literally since I moved in 2 years ago so let’s get started as soon as you walk in this is just my entrance you’ll notice that my style is super minimalistic very simple and very clean I like to keep things very decluttered and I don’t like to fill up spaces that much I also get a lot of questions on my hardwood floors I would just describe them as a neutral deep ash brown but I don’t have the exact color so in the entrance we just have this lounge kind of office area which is perfect for editing and just doing some work and back there we have a bathroom a garage and a laundry room so once you come up the stairs we have the living room this is where I spend most of my time so by now you guys know MUPs tess with my all white on white so I did get my couch and my ottoman custom-made I know I get a lot of questions about those but I will leave similar options down below all the furniture I will link it down below for you guys and if I don’t have the exact links they’ll be similar options in this little nook I decided to put a floor mirror that I got from home sends on the opposite wall of the couch we have our TV hung up with a fireplace and two cabinets so in the middle of the living room we have the kitchen and then it wraps around right into the dining room these chairs I did get custom made but I will try to find similar links for you guys as you can see with my kitchen I like to keep it clean I really hate clutter on the countertops and everything so yeah it almost looks like no-one lives in the kitchen but we do I swear I just like to keep it very minimalistic so making our way upstairs to the third and last level once you get up there we have a full washroom and my beauty room and also kind of an empty room that right now I’m just using to take photos in I use this floor-length mirror to take my OoT Dee’s in and my Beauty room I’m actually currently redoing it and making it a little bit more into a studio slash filming room I’m actually vlogging the entire experience for you guys moving on to the master bedroom the first thing that you see are these huge floor-to-ceiling windows that I have all over the house I’m obsessed if they let in so much light this house is so bright you guys so I have my bed over here and two night tables I love these tables but what I did was I actually just switched out the knobs took chrome ones and it just amped it up and making it look super expensive even though I got them very affordable at the brick also I do get a lot of questions on this dresser I absolutely love it but I did get it years ago and they don’t sell it anymore so I will leave some similar options down below for you guys I love having those mirrors behind the night tables my sister gave me that idea and absolutely loved it I also have this tufted ottoman at the foot of the bed moving on to the master bathroom we have a shower and a tub and I love this big window right by the tub it just lets in so much light and it just feels it gives it like this spa esque v then moving on to the kalasa I hog up the left side as you can see here I take up the most space and I also have a little mom a dresser there to store some more clothes and also my shoes on top so that is everything I really hope you guys enjoyed seeing my home I’m super happy and excited to share it with you guys thank you so much for reading and I will see you guys in my next site bye guys mmm.

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