Ideas Striking 50Th Wedding Anniversaryt For Parents Presents Golden Wedding Gift Ideas
Ideas Striking 50Th Wedding Anniversaryt For Parents Presents Golden Wedding Gift Ideas

Great Golden Wedding Gift Ideas

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Okay, Welcome to MemorableGifts. com TV and my name is Raffi and we are going to talk about anniversary gifts today. uh.

. . we have a great selection our website and you can visit us at memorable gifts dot com and you can see a variety of different gifts for first-year anniversary second year tenth year anniversary twenty-fifth anniversary and fiftieth anniversary. You can pick and choose all the variety of different. . . gift ideas for your occasion you are trying to by the gift for. uh. . . today i’m gonna show you a couple of items here just to give you an idea uh. . . the kind of gifts that we are offering on our website uh. . . one of them is the fiftieth anniversary uh. . . keepsake plate now this particular item is uh. . . crystal plate which a pretty nice and heavy uh. . . piece and its gold plated, twenty-four karat uh. . . gold-plated around uh. . . the outside as you see them we personalize this particular item with um. . . message special message name and names of the anniversary that you’re giving it to and also the dates now this item also comes with an ease uh. . . a clear plastic easel this will help you to display the keepsake plate uh.

. . and cherish it it’s really a nice way of appreciating or um. . . celebrating uh. . . very very special fiftieth anniversary event uh. . . another item we have which is the twenty-fifth anniversary plate that i’d like to show which is it’s a silver plate um. . . this one is a silver plated plate that’s uh. . . as designed for the twenty-fifth anniversary again you can have the special message on the bottom and middle you will have the names and the dates for the uh. . . anniversary another. . . uh and it comes after this one sits on the very nice wood base uh. . . to display the keepsake plate which is a great idea for a twenty-fifth anniversary celebration we have one more item to show you today it’s a twenty-four but twenty-fifth anniversary photo album which it comes on and a nice velvety uh. . . back onto the back of backing to it and opens up for it and i stand as a display and you can personalize the bottom with uh. . . the names for the anniversary and then you can flip this and you can display uh. . . photos inside this album for the anniversary it’s a beautiful gift idea uh. . . for a an anniversary thanks again for visiting us uh. . . at MemorableGiftsTV and look forward to, if you have any questions please contact us and visit our our website again its Memorable Gifts dot com thanks again, my name is Raffi, and I’m out. bye bye.

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