Best Scented Candles Atmospheric Aromas For Your Home From 163 18 Warehouse Discounts Best Smelling Candles
Best Scented Candles Atmospheric Aromas For Your Home From 163 18 Warehouse Discounts Best Smelling Candles

Beautiful Best Smelling Candles

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Hello everyone, we’re Dave and Sue from Candles Off Main and this is the Main Event the number one show for everything you need to know about luxury home fragrance and today we’re going to answer one of the most popular questions we get and that is “I’m looking for a really fragrant candle what do you recommend?” and I will start with probably I believe the most fragrant around the whole store is Aspen Bay Capri Blue Volcano or Aloha orchid definitely no matter what size what shape it will blow you out of your house any room There was a little tin of it on a coffee table and overwhelmingly huge room and just the tin unlit was crazy fragrant the tin lit knocked me out of the room so you like a lot a fragrance it’s going be perfect for you because I’m actually really very sensitive to fragrance believe it or not for me was over the top but for most people adore it adore and if you walk into almost any Anthropologie that’s what you smell and Anthropologie stores a huge. To fill that space really fragrant. So for me, that’s number one right there.

Can’t go wrong. And then we have Seda France. I think just about anyone of their fragrances is really strong. I’ve tried a couple different fragrances and every time I’m really blow the house out. So we picked brands where almost any any fragrance you pick comes through I’ll because when you’re buying online or even in the store you want to know that you can smell it and all the other brands that didn’t make this table didn’t make it because some are really strong but some are not. So if it’s going to be hit or miss we didn’t want to put them up here. We picked the brands where any fragrance you pick it’s going to work. So the next one is Lafco and again every one that I’ve tried at home has really really filled the house and really beautiful fragrances I really well done. I like Lafco a lot and they’re very long-lasting they are little more expensive but I’m very good and you get double the burn time. It is more expensive it is almost double the cost of most things up here but you get doubled the burn time and you get a gorgeous hand blown vessel that you would never throw out I mean you would wash this out and reuse it for pens and makeup brushes jewelry, all kinds of stuff and so there is a value there to it. It’s an extremely popular brand and but really great fragrances and crazy fragrant. The other one Nest fragrances. Nest is the best when it comes to strong fragrances and but again if you could pick almost any fragrance in Nest and you know you’re gonna smell it. I mean you know you’re going to smell it. So you’re not gonna ask how you can smell it. Not like it’s working here, or over there or just in this room just on my desk but this will easily fill the room. When people come into the store and ask usually the first thing I go to is Nest actually I do to. The think with Capri Blue is that we don’t have the variety of scents but it is a strong scent whereas with Nest we have quite a variety. There’s going to be a scent for everyone and also very well priced yeah nicely packaged and I think of a nice vessel too. And the same kind of thing with Seda, we just don’t have a huge selection they have a big selection we only have maybe six fragrances. So variety we go for Nest We have a ton of Lafco fragrance but again not everybody’s ready to jump into that price point. So if you’re looking for good value Nest is great if you want a lot of fragrance can’t go wrong. Can’t go wrong any of these brands but again, if you want to know you’re going to smell your candle you’re safe here. An that’s our show for today if you want to find more information on any of these products you can find that on our blog ScentSnob. com. If you like this site please like it on Facebook and YouTube and bookmark to our YouTube channel and as always we hope you come see light at CandlesOffMain. com. Thank you. Thank you. .

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