Amazing Best Ideas For Anniversary Gifts For Him

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Hey guys John here from Defeating Divorce and today I’m really excited to share with you the 20 best anniversary gifts idea for your boyfriend or husband. This list is pretty varied so regardless of your guys interest, it’s likely that you’ll find something on here that he would enjoy. And Don’t worry about trying to find these products on your own, I have links to each of them in the description below so definitely check that out at any time during the blog.

Also before we dive into the list, if you’re like me and do a lot online shopping, then you should really sign up for Ebates. It’s an online shopping portal that gives you a percentage of your purchase back from retailers like Walmart, target, macy’s and hundreds more. It’s 100% free to join and right now you get a $10 bonus after your first purchase. Last year Emily and I collectively saved around $300 by using this site. I’ll leave a link to Ebates in the blog description below. Okay let’s dive right in… #1 Homemade Gin Kit If gin is his drink of choice, he’ll go crazy over this homemade gin kit that allows him to use vodka as a base to create his very own gin. He’ll simply add the vodka and included botanicals and spices into his bottle, let them steep for 36 hours, and bam, his very own DIY gin that’s great on it’s own or paired with tonics. #2 Olloclip Core Lens Set If he’s into iPhone photography, give him this new and improved patented lens set from Olloclip. This set contains fish eye, wide set lens, and 15X macro options, giving him all he needs to take some pretty great pictures. This is also a great alternative to the more intimidating SLR camera or GoPro for the novice photographer. #3 Alexander Del Rossa Men’s Fleece Robe This robe is super nice and guaranteed to be the comfiest piece of clothing he owns! Those who have purchased this robe say they simply could not take it off, it was that comfortable! This is one of those gifts that he never knew he needed, but will be super grateful receiving. #4 Navdy Heads Up Display & GPS Navigation This innovative projector is changing the relationship between your car and your phone – in a great way! By projecting a small screen on your windshield in front of you, Navdy allows you to see and respond to text messages, answer phone calls, follow your GPS, monitor your fuel, speed, and so much more, all without taking your eyes off the road in front of you! He’ll love how tech forward this is, you’ll love the peace of mind it gives you knowing he’s driving safer. #5 The Personalized Anniversary Journal If you’re newlyweds, or don’t mind going back and filling in anniversaries that have passed, this journal would make a super thoughtful and sentimental gift! It allows you to record memories for anniversaries 1 – 60, and also have space to insert photos as well. My wife and I have this book and love it! #6 Samsung Gear S3 Classic Spoil him with this classic style, yet modern take on the read. This smartread allows him to text, make calls, and receive notifications. It’s also enabled with Samsung Pay so he can make purchases without even taking out his credit card. Oh, and did I mention it’s military grade? Yeah, he’ll love this. #7 Dapper Effects Valet Tray Organizer Give your guy this luxurious organizer for his glasses, wallet, read, and more! He’ll love having one place to store his essentials and will thank you time and time again for the time it saves him in getting out the door faster! #8 Qshell Bluetooth Beanie This beanie effortlessly blends fashion with technology, and he’ll love getting to listen to his music while he works out, walks the dog, or does anything really! This beanie totally eliminates the need for annoying headphones and he’ll love how handsfree it allows him to be. #9 Tavato Premium Men’s Gift Tie Set These ties are super high quality, stylish, and luckily for you affordable! He’ll think you’re gifting him a tie set that retails for around $100, especially considering the additional cuff links, tie clips, and pocket handkerchiefs! Plus, he’ll now have something nice to wear to your anniversary dinner. #10 Yours, Mine, and Ours Engraved Decanter Set This stylish art deco decanter would look amazing atop any bar or bar cart and your guy will love how cool it is. This little set will make sharing a cocktail all the more fun! #11 Herschel Supply Co. Retreat Backpack My wife bought me this backpack last year and I’ll admit I at first thought it was too stylish, but now I love it. If your guy needs an upgrade from his current carry on or backpack, gift him this. It’s the perfect size to hold his tech and clothes. It’s also great to have on camping trips, hikes, and even as an alternative to a brief case. #12 Bleu De Chánel Cologne For Men You can’t really go wrong with a nice cologne. Most guys won’t be caught dead spending a lot on a cologne, but trust me when I say, we can all appreciate getting a fancy one as a gift. This one is a classic. I know a couple of friends who wear it and get compliments all the time. #13 EC Technology Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard Make his life easier with this sleek, fold out keyboard that he can pair with any tablet or cellphone. He’ll be able to send long emails, type up documents, and much more a lot faster with this tool. #14 Personalized Wine Barrel If your guy can appreciate a glass of aged wine, consider this personalized wine barrel! This oak barrel not only makes for a beautiful piece of decor in the home, but also imparts an oka-y flavor similar to that of wine in professional wineries. He’ll love turning any regular old bottle of wine into something more vintage. #15 Rememory Game I don’t think there’s a more fun game you could play on your anniversary than this. This game really lets you learn about your partner by encouraging them to share certain memories based around clues from different playing cards. I’ve also played this with a large group of family members and it’s always a fun and hilarious time. #16 Samsung Gear VR w/ Controller If he has a Samsung phone, he’ll love pairing it with this virtual reality headgear that makes playing games and reading movies twice as fun. This set also comes with a controller so he’s good to go.

#17 Personalized Cutting Board Whether he loves to cook or is more sous chef than executive chef, he’ll get a kick out of this board. I actually gifted this to friends of ours for their wedding gift and they swear they use it all the time and get questions about where they got it constantly. It’s the perfect piece to commemorate your love of each other and food. #18 Samdi Universal Desktop Computer Monitor Wooden Dock Help him stay organized with this laptop and monitor dock that lifts his device up and allows for more space on his desk. With a stylish walnut finish, this dock will compliment any guy’s style and up his organization instantly. #19 Intersection of Love – Photo Print Want to go the sentimental route? He’ll love the classic style of this photo that commemorates the two of you. If he’s creative and enjoys unique art, he’ll love this piece and the sentimental value attached to it as well. #20 BBQ Briefcase If he’s a self proclaimed “grill master” he’ll love this briefcase filled with heat retardant utensils that he can easily bring on the go. Whether he’s flipping burgers or cooking corn, he’ll have everything he needs to transform any grilling experience, regardless of location, into the ultimate cookout. So that about wraps it up for this blog. Did you see something you think your guy would like? If so, be sure to check the description because I have everything linked down below. Also, let me know what your favorite item in this list was in the comments. If you enjoyed this blog, then please hit the like button. Also, be sure to share and hit the bell button to be notified whenever we publish new blogs! Again my name is John and thank you so much for reading. I’ll see you in the next one. .

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